Home Addition: Things to Consider

A home addition may be a relatively small project, such as adding a sunroom, or it could be much more extensive, such as adding a full master suite with a detached bath and kitchen to an already existing home. Either way, when planning a home addition, there are a few things to keep in mind. How big would it be? What type of addition is it? What regulations are in effect in your locality?

The first thing to consider is the space, how big is it going to be? What’s the square footage of the room? The more space you add on, the more expensive the addition will be. So, to the size question, you need to add the following: what is your budget? Once you have answered these questions, you are in a better place to decide whether it is going to be a smaller home addition or a larger one with more space.

Now, what type of addition is it? The home addition may also be dependent on the location. A three-story addition could create a severe traffic problem in your neighborhood. In this case, either a two-story addition or a one-story addition may be recommended. Are you adding a deck, pavilion, pool, or gazebo? Depending on the type of home addition, there may be permits or licenses required, which takes us to our next point.

The home addition permits are issued by the local zoning authorities. Homeowners who are interested in saving money and making their projects easier to complete should consider hiring a contractor to do the work themselves. Also, before you begin looking at rooms for a home addition, you need to get a planning authority plan. This will ensure that you have permission from the homeowner’s association to build on their land, as well as all necessary planning and building standards. The zoning regulations for add ons vary from area to area, so it’s a good idea to contact your local planning office and talk to a planning officer about what the local laws are for your home improvements. Don’t ignore these regulations because you can have a lot of unexpected costs later on.

Although there may be some things to take into consideration, you are not alone. We are here to help you with the home addition services that you need. 

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