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The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Vanities: Materials, Sizes, and Styles

Bathroom vanities can add a great deal of style and functionality to any bathroom. They come in all different shapes, sizes and materials which can make it difficult to choose the perfect one for your home. This guide will help you understand the many options available so that you can find the vanity that is perfect for your bathroom.


One of the most important things to consider when selecting a bathroom vanity is the material it is made from. Generally speaking, vanities are made from either wood or metal. However, there are some more exotic materials like marble or glass used as well.

Wood is a classic choice and brings a natural warmth to any space. It is also very durable and comes in many different types such as maple, oak, pine or cherry. Wood finishes come in both stained and painted varieties depending on your personal preference.

Metal vanities provide a sleek modern look as well as being incredibly durable. Metal can also be finished with a variety of textures such as matte black or brushed nickel depending on your tastes. Metal may cost more upfront but it tends to last longer over time than some of the other materials mentioned here.

Marble gives off an elegant and luxurious feel due to its fine veining throughout the stone. This makes it an attractive choice for many bathrooms although it does require special care when cleaning to avoid staining or etching of the surface over time. Marble is quite heavy so if you’re going for this option make sure that you have adequate support underneath before installation begins!

Glass vanities offer an airy almost futuristic feel thanks to their glossy surfaces in either colored or clear varnishes which allow light to reflect off them in interesting ways but like marble they require careful cleaning techniques if spills occur so they remain looking pristine over time!

Lastly, plastic resin-based materials have recently become popular among homeowners who want something low maintenance yet still chic! These types of materials come in various patterns and colors making them highly customizable while remaining affordable at the same time. However they are not quite as durable over long-term use so keep that in mind when making your selection!


When selecting a bathroom vanity it’s important to first consider what size would be suitable for your current setup before looking at specific design elements such as materials or styles – after all if you don’t get the right size then none of those things will matter! The two main sizes associated with bathroom vanities are single sizes (measuring roughly 30 inches wide) and double sizes (which range up around 60 inches). When determining what size would work best for you measure out the space where you plan on placing your vanity and then compare this measurement against these standard sizes. Keep in mind that if you intend on having multiple people using this area simultaneously then double sinks may be more appropriate than single sinks!


Now let’s get into styling details – once you’ve decided on material type and size there’s still plenty left to choose from when deciding how exactly you’d like your vanity finished off! Depending on what design themes already exist within your home opt for either traditional styles such as shaker cabinets with vintage pulls; contemporary styles featuring clean lines & minimal detailing; rustic designs with distressed woods & brass hardware; industrial looks incorporating metal accents & pipe fixtures; eclectic visuals utilizing mix/match pieces etc.<sup>1</sup> For further inspiration take note of popular trends (such as floating vanities!)<sup>2</sup>& explore features like backsplashes & lighting fixtures – because no matter how great looking we all know convenience counts too!!

In Conclusion

A new bathroom vanity can do wonders for transforming the overall appearance of any room – upgrading tired spaces into modern havens! When selecting one remember – pick carefully based on material type (wood/metal/marble etc.), size requirements (single/double sinks), & desired style (traditional/contemporary etc.). Get creative with accessories like lighting fixtures & backsplashes too! With these tips now armed – go forth & create something beautiful today!!

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