• Designing Your Dream Room – How to Create the Perfect Space in a Room Addition in Agoura Hills

    Designing Your Dream Room – How to Create the Perfect Space in a Room Addition in Agoura Hills

    The bedroom is one of the more important rooms in your home. Fortunately, there are several apps to help you design, decorate, and remodel your dream space. And no, not all of them are gimmicks. You will need to do your homework and read up on the various options in order to find the best for your needs.


    The Room Planner is a web based app that makes it easier to shop for furniture, and even rearrange what you already have. It also lets you test out your designs by having them printed on site. Luckily, the website has a reasonably priced subscription plan. If you’re willing to do a little leg work, you’ll be on your way to an awesome looking room in no time at all.

    It’s no secret that having a nice bedroom is a non-negotiable. But how do you make it look good? How do you know what kind of furnishings will go in it, and how do you know what colors will work together? With the Room Planner you’ll be well on your way to a well rounded room that looks like a professional designed it.

    Maximizing Your Home’s Potential With a Room Addition in Agoura Hills

  • Maximizing Your Home’s Potential With a Room Addition in Agoura Hills

    Maximizing Your Home’s Potential With a Room Addition

    A home addition or renovation might be in your future. But before you jump in there are many things you must first consider. Among the most important are budget, time and inclination. If you are lucky enough to live in the enclave that is, you have the advantage of choice. Luckily, there are numerous reputable firms that will provide you with a free quote or consultation. The best part is that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Plus, they can make you feel at home. They have been in the business for quite some time and can do a quality job in the shortest timeframe.

    It might be a bit of a pain to plan for, but a room addition is worth the hassle. Plus, there’s no telling when your newfound living space will be occupied by the newest member of the family. To help you get started, the best place to start is with a free quote. Fortunately, Novak Remodeling is the place to call. During our free consultation, we will go over your ideas and help you decide on the best course of action. Whether you want to remodel, renovate or just improve your living quarters, we’ll be able to give you the information and advice you need to move forward.

    Designing Your Dream Room – How to Create the Perfect Space in a Room Addition in Agoura Hills

    The Pros and Cons of Building a Room Addition in Agoura Hills

  • The Pros and Cons of Building a Room Addition in Agoura Hills

    The Pros and Cons of Building a Room Addition

    A room addition is a good way to increase the space and function of your home. It also can add a lot of value to your home. Whether you are adding a second story, or making a bump out, there are many different ways you can do it.

    Adding a bedroom or bathroom can help make life easier for you and your family. Not only can it provide you with a place to sleep, but it can also make it easy to get ready in the morning. The cost of the project will depend on your location, your building permits, and the construction materials.

    Building a room addition can be an exciting experience, but it can be a daunting task. Before you decide to go ahead, it is important to understand all of the pros and cons of the process. This will help you to make the right decision.


    First, you need to consider whether or not you have a lot of room in your current house. Many homes have limited spaces, and adding square footage can help to solve the problem. You may also want to consider adding windows, which can help you to enjoy the view outside while still keeping the interior of your home nice and warm.

    Another factor to consider is your budget. Depending on the size of the addition, the cost of your project can range from $100 to $1,000 per square foot. The cost of adding an extra bedroom or bathroom will vary greatly depending on your design, the materials you use, and the amount of labor involved.

    When planning a room addition, make sure to consult a reputable remodeling company. They can advise you on the most cost-effective options for your home. Also, be sure to have a good idea of the zoning laws in your area. If you are not familiar with the local codes, you could have a difficult time acquiring a permit.

    When considering a room addition, it is essential to keep in mind that it can be a messy, noisy, and long process. Having workers in your home can disrupt your privacy and may even disturb you when you wake up in the middle of the night. In addition, a room addition can have an impact on your relationship.

    Whether you are adding a new bathroom or a family room, you need to consider the structural integrity of the walls of your home. Having a bump out built on the side of your house can be an inexpensive way to add square footage. However, if you plan to build vertically, you will need additional support structures and footings.

    Adding a laundry room can also help you to maintain a more organized space in your home. Adding a cabinet or countertop in the laundry room provides a place to store dirty clothes. As a result, you will have more room to fold them in.

    Choosing a company with a reputation will ensure you are getting the best services possible. Ask for references and ask about the work they have done in the past.

    Maximizing Your Home’s Potential With a Room Addition in Agoura Hills

    Expanding Your Living Space – How to Plan and Execute a Room Addition

  • Expanding Your Living Space – How to Plan and Execute a Room Addition

    Expanding Your Living Space – How to Plan and Execute a Room Addition

    If you are in the market for a new home or want to upgrade your current one, you may be considering a room addition. A room addition can increase your living space by creating an additional bedroom, guest room, office, laundry room or other room of your choosing. You can also include an attached garage or detached garage.

    When you are considering a room addition, the first step is to determine how much space you will need. This will depend on the size and style of the existing home. Also, you need to decide if you’d like the addition to be built on the first floor or on the second floor.

    The best way to determine if you should consider a room addition is to consult with your local contractor. They can help you determine the budget for the project and provide you with a bid on full construction documents.

    Adding a room to your home is a big investment, so you want to make sure you get it right. You can find a variety of companies that will do the work for you. One of them is Novak Remodeling. Their team has years of experience in transforming houses into more comfortable, functional homes. For example, they can add an additional bedroom, playroom, or a master suite to your current home. Plus, they can help you find ways to add value to your home with a kitchen remodel.


    While adding a room to your home might seem like a daunting task, it’s actually a relatively simple project. As long as you select the right company, you’ll be glad you made the leap.

    The Pros and Cons of Building a Room Addition in Agoura Hills

    Room Addition in Agoura Hills

  • Room Addition in Agoura Hills

    Room Addition in Agoura Hills

    A room addition can make your house feel larger and more functional. It can also add value to your home. You can add a new bedroom or bathroom or expand your existing rooms.

    Room additions come in all shapes and sizes. Some popular options are dens, studios, and kitchens. Depending on your needs, you can customize a room that is right for you.

    As you probably know, room additions aren’t cheap. The cost can vary from a few hundred to well over a million dollars. However, a professionally constructed one can add livable space to your home while increasing its value. Whether you need more room for guests or want to improve your family’s living situation, a room addition can help.

    One of the most important things to consider when planning a room addition is the resale value. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you might want to wait before you spend a ton of money on something that will just sit there collecting dust.


    Adding a second story is a great way to increase the square footage of your home. Having extra bedrooms can help when you have a growing family. Additionally, you can use your extra room as a hobby room or office space.

    The most expensive part of adding a room to your home is the foundation. Nevertheless, there are ways to minimize the disruption that this can cause.

    Expanding Your Living Space – How to Plan and Execute a Room Addition

  • Kitchen Remodeling Help Lead To Healthier And Happier Life

    The old kitchen area can be a substantial deterrent for cooking. But is it time to invite the new restoration? It’s never ever far too late to begin fresh with an upgraded look in your house that will make you want to cook once again!

    The outdated, uninspired environment of one’s cooking area may prevent them from preparing their meals in your home. With all the gorgeous upgrades coming out these days, now appears like as great a time as any for house owners who long for tasty food however are hesitant to participate in such jobs themselves due to monetary or other reasons.

    According to a new research study by the American Institute for Architects, one-third of participants who just recently upgraded their kitchens said they lived much healthier way of lives post-renovation. Healthy modifications included more meals prepared at home (41 percent), consuming less takeout, and even ate more vegetables and fruits (26 percent).


    Reason For Kitchen Remodeling

    The report shows that house owners invest more cash on kitchen restorations, with some going as high as $100,000. This shows the cooking areas do a lot for people’s lives and joy. A few of these modifications include enhancing their lifestyle by increasing how frequently they prepare in the house or feel like their existing cooking space is insufficient to make them delighted in general.

    Remarkably, less than 8 percent of surveyed renovated their kitchen outfitted with new home appliances (the objective being including house equity). At the same time, over 60% made renovations either to hang around together cooking together with member of the family or just because they desired something different without seeming like all work and no play when preparing meals at home after work hours.

    Here are four reasons that individuals undergo kitchen remodeling.
    More household time: A tremendous 49 percent of house owners have undergone kitchen remodeling to motivate more household time. Having a cozy space for cooking and dining can bring your family together, which means you’ll spend less time waiting on tables at dining establishments and more quality time with them!
    More homemade meals: It’s obvious that homemade meals are normally healthier than dining establishment meals. Increased counter space, brand-new appliances, and a good-looking cooking area make individuals wish to stay home and cook! Of the respondents in this survey, 41% refurbished their kitchens with these objectives. A lot more outstanding is 76% of people surveyed who stated they cooked in the house 5 or more nights each week after their restoration– meaning cooking area renovating can cause increased healthy cooking routines even if you don’t plan for it to!
    Host celebrations: For those who like to host but don’t delight in cooking, having a brand-new cooking area is the perfect way to make amusing more fun. A whopping 40% of participants said they refurbished their houses so that guests might hang out in and around the kitchen location instead of simply being relegated to one space for all celebrations.
    Fresh look: One of the most essential elements to consider when remodeling your kitchen area is how it will affect happiness and wellness. For 43% of study participants, remaining in an area they like increased their sensations of happiness or contentment!

    All set for your cooking area to redesign? Contact us today for an assessment

    Steps For Kitchen Remodeling

  • Steps For Kitchen Remodeling

    You may find a basic contractor to manage your kitchen remodeling project, however many house DIY-ers have found success in dealing with the work themselves. If you want to live without a kitchen for months and take on some heavy lifting (literally), it’s possible that this job can be completed on time within your budget plan!

    Many house owners are looking into how they might undertake the significant renovations of their cooking areas nowadays; however, not all choose to hire out professional aid. Some choose instead what is frequently chosen by specialists or specialists as “DIY,” which means DIY projects such as remodeling a whole space simultaneously instead of one area at a time – otherwise referred to as doing things bit by bit.

    A gleaming brand-new kitchen area will make your house more livable and increase the equity value of your property like couple of other renovating jobs can do. A terrific brand-new kitchen area concentrates on domesticity, where you’ll invest the most time when there’s no work to be done. You won’t get overwhelmed if you comprehend how many steps go into this process before starting it!


    Think About Wants And Requirements

    Many people have trouble choosing what they want in their brand-new cooking areas due to the fact that they do not know just how much it will cost or invest enough time learning about all the different options available prior to starting a remodelling project. This is why most end up being dissatisfied with their work or costs excessive cash on something not worth it without doing some research study first. Often, property owners forget just how big an undertaking this kind of remodeling is and take too lightly its expense till after everything has actually been done, which leads them into debt-filled regret later on down the line.

    For lots of people, a kitchen area is a place of chaos and frustration. But for those who use their kitchen areas to their full potential, it can be an area that brings delight every day!

    There are lots of reasons your home might not have the best Cooking area: too little storeroom or counter-space? Too few cooking areas? Appliances in need of an upgrade or replacement? Or maybe you’re simply tired of dealing with outdated design you do not like any longer. Whatever’s going on in your home, it might help to feel inspired by these beautiful cooking areas equipped magnificently without breaking the bank (or exhausting yourself).

    Envision getting home from work to find your kitchen area gutted and smelling of paint. This is what may happen if you decide not to work with a contractor because it’s going take much longer than the one or two weeks they’ll exist working on redesigning your space: into every corner will have gone carpet runners; drywall dust settling onto new baseboards and flooring; material samples for countertops dangling over open cabinets with their handles ripped off by excited hands unable-to-remain clean prior to painting begins.

    Suppose this seems like too big of a hassle, then employing someone who knows how can be worth the effort! Give us a call for your kitchen remodeling job.

    Kitchen Remodeling Help Lead To Healthier And Happier Life

    Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling

  • Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling

    There are necessary actions to take when you’re renovating your cooking area, and it needs mindful planning along with a lot of perseverance.

    A successful and efficient DIY Cooking area Remodel is all as much as what you desire your final product to look like– is it going rustic or modern? For instance, if this task is for an older home with old cabinets then installing new ones may not make good sense due to the fact that nobody will desire them. On the other hand, if we’re discussing constructing brand-new from scratch then upgrading cabinetry ends up being important.


    Get Your Ideas Together And Sketch It Out

    The initial step in designing the best kitchen area is deciding what you desire. Start your search with a browse of Pinterest boards and house enhancement sites, saving any ideas that inspire you to produce your own remodel plans for motivation later on. Visiting numerous layouts will help give insight into which fixtures, textures, or materials best fit not just how they’ll be utilized but also whether it fits within an existing floorplan – preparing early conserves time!

    Create A Desired Budget Plan And Timeline

    As soon as you understand what your dream cooking area would look like, it’s time to identify just how much it will cost. While it is tough to estimate precisely the overall costs associated with constructing a brand-new cooking area at this early stage, we can use our research and some estimations for examining things such as square video and materials that are required based upon various possible designs. Developing a budget plan ceiling now will permit us to begin connecting with certified experts who might assist us out while still working within these limitations – but don’t forget about those unsaid costs!

    Kitchen remodeling is a substantial project, so it’s constantly important to have a concept of the timeline before beginning. Professionals approximate that jobs can take anywhere from one month as much as 3 months, depending upon size and scope.

    Hire The Expert

    A well-designed kitchen area is among the virtual areas in your home, and it’s likewise a big undertaking. There are experts out there to help you with every element, from granite countertops and custom-made cabinets to task management. Your job here will be finding as many recommendations as possible so that when you choose materials for this area, you’ll have an expert at hand (and not just some guy plucked off Google). Big-box shops like Ikea or House Depot deal a lot of chances for seeing what different kinds of stone look like up close– something that can’t always been done from online research alone.

    A certified specialist is an essential part of any cooking area remodels. After the budget plan, design, and layout are finalized, contact at least 3 specialists to get price quotes on when their team can start dealing with your home so that you know how much cash it will consider a successful remodelling. Make certain you do a walkaround with each prospective professional prior to picking one – by doing this, if there’s anything else they need to have adequate time or materials for finish, then don’t be afraid to inquire about contributing to your preliminary price quote!

    Contact us today for assessment on your kitchen remodeling project.

    Steps For Kitchen Remodeling

    How To Remodel Your Kitchen With Satisfaction

  • How To Remodel Your Kitchen With Satisfaction

    All happy kitchen remodeling are alike, and they live mostly in our dreams. The existing space is tight and normally features limitations that make the renovation challenging to finish adequately. You have unmovable walls, pipes, gas lines, or electrical work. This suggests you typically need to move these things according to brand-new codes and update them, so they satisfy present standards for security functions.

    Start your search by putting together a list of specialists. Ask your network of neighbors, pals, family members, and coworkers for referrals.
    From there, you can even more look into those business by searching for client reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other third-party sites and examining their rankings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


    Narrow your swimming pool of prospects to the leading three or 5. Prioritize your shortlist and contact, starting with your preferred candidate. Offer a summary of the task, any included services like architecture or style that might be required, and demand their license and insurance qualifications, so they can confirm them before a meeting at home to find out more along with possibly pricing estimates/quotes from each person on this list before choosing who will best fit into our budget needs right now time restrictions are likewise crucial.

    Limiting one’s search is essential for choosing trusted employees; however, there need to still only be at most five people put on this “shortlist.”.

    What To Ask Your Kitchen Remodeling Professional.
    Are you certified and insured?
    Are you and your employees certified or had unique training in kitchen remodeling?
    May I have references from previous jobs?
    What is your expectation of payment?
    Are you supplying a price quote or quote?

    Choose The Right Professionals.

    Obtain contracts from your favorite contractors that pass the initial screening. To receive accurate quotes for several bids, offer each specialist with all of the info you can about any specific requirements or choices currently made. Provide as much detail as possible, so they can return with a proper quote and bid on what is needed!

    Get It In Writing.

    After zeroing in on one specialist who appears right for the job, make certain to examine their proposed documentation. Does it look professional? Take a close look at the contract– does it seem fair and well balanced? Please take down whether there’s a bid rate and payment schedule as well as website strategies, sequential schedules with main construction tasks, change-order provisions, composed procedural lists for closeout work prior to job completion (e.g., writing paperwork about how you desire your house cleaned), reveal minimal guarantees that secure versus structural problems but not wear & tear over time; even waivers that prevent subcontractors from putting liens on houses while they’re still under contract).

    It would be best if you had someone you can depend on to take down your kitchen area and restore it. It’s not the type of job that requires one-and-done labor, so selecting a specialist who will stick to the job until fulfillment is essential. Possibilities are good there’s at least one business in town offering this service, but how do you know which company is best for your requirements? The first place to start is here.

    Contact us today for all your kitchen remodeling wants and needs

    Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling

  • Professional bathroom renovation – live the experience

    Trends in bathroom styles are constantly evolving. Many homeowners are ready to update the room’s design aesthetic and make it a more valuable and functional space to fit their lifestyle. Does this sound familiar to you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our bathroom remodeling experts are ready to help you have the bathroom of your dreams!

    While other bathroom contractors tend to offer one-size-fits-all features based on a limited in-stock selection, we instead customize our tubs in every way. Whether it is a simple bath liner replacement or a comprehensive transformation of your old tub to a modern shower, at Castle Remodeling, we can offer you bath renovation services of the highest caliber at the best possible prices.

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