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Explore Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio


Oak Park is known for its architecturally significant buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Take a guided tour of the beautiful house and studio of this legendary architect.


Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio is located on Forest Avenue in Oak Park, Chicago, and is known as the birthplace of Wright’s architectural legacy. The house and studio are open to the public, with guided tours offered every day.


Visitors to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio can explore Wright’s creative process and the inspiration behind his architectural masterpieces. The guided tours provide a fascinating insight into Wright’s life, career, and his unique design philosophy.


Built in 1889, the house and studio appears to be a typical Victorian-era building from the outside. Still, the interior features Wright’s signature design elements such as stunning stained glass windows, bold geometric patterns, and intricate woodwork.


The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio is a must-visit destination for architects, design enthusiasts, or anyone interested in the history of American architecture. It is a unique opportunity to delve into the mind of one of the world’s greatest architects and view firsthand some of his most famous and important works.